Saturday, 19 April 2014

.Harvey Charles: 10 months.

I was a bit late taking 10 month photos of Harvey. The change in weather has meant cooler nights and always a runny nose so I was trying to wait for it to clear up (vain, I know!) In the end, I just took the photos with the runny nose, blotchy cheeks and watery eyes! I'll always remember him as a 10 month old with a cold!
 (Kisuliini Raglan-Sleeve Bodysuit from Ottobre 6/2012. Sewn with Knights & Dragons knit from Lillestoff)
Harves is turning into a little monkey. He is pretty cruisy and seems to take busy family life as the baby of four in his stride.
This month Harvey has started rocking back and forth on all fours. We initially thought he was doing it as a funny dance move but later realised that he does it as a form of comfort. Lil sometimes sleeps in his room and would come out of bed during the night telling us that Harvey was rocking on all fours in his sleep! Then he would stop and lie down and keep sleeping. He has rocked himself to sleep all over the house...on the loungeroom floor and even on the concrete floor in the garage! It's a handy cue for me to know when he is tired and ready to go to bed - as long as he doesn't put himself to sleep before I get to him!

He is talking a lot more now and starting to babble a lot of sounds. His most frequent word sounds similar to "more" and he says it in between mouthfuls of food!
His favourite thing of all time to do is cruise around the backyard when the kids are home from school. As soon as that sliding door to the deck is opened, he is out and will happily crawl around all afternoon if his brothers or sister are playing out there. Yesterday I think we had to change his pants four times because he kept getting wet! Time to invest in some waterproof pants I think!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

.Rainbow Looms for Easter.

So, we are super late to join the Rainbow Loom party. My kids have been asking for months if they can have one but I have been saying no, no, no - much to their dissatisfaction! I really wanted a loom in the house though because I love it when the kids get crafty (and I'm looking forward to joining in too!) but I didn't want to give them something for no reason...trying to teach them that we don't follow school fads. I bought a loom kit a couple of months ago to put away for Lil's birthday - but August is soooo long away and Oscar is really into these loom bands too so I bought a couple more kits and put them away for Easter instead. 
This year for Easter the kids aren't getting too much in the way of chocolate, they will get a loom kit and a special book each too. Easter falls at the beginning of our school holidays and this is part of my clever plan to keep them occupied (for a few days anyway!) I like to sew something for the kids for Easter, usually pyjamas but they don't need new ones at the moment so I decided to try out Anna's new Road Trip Case pattern instead.
There are a couple of different pocket variations that you can make the Road Trip Cases with, the one I've used here is designed specifically to house all the Rainbow Loom bits and pieces.
I love that these are portable and organised - hopefully making clean up time that little bit easier!

My favourite feature is the clear, zippered pocket - love seeing all those colourful bands when you open it up!

This is another great pattern from Anna (I've sewn a couple of her bags here and here), it was a little bit time consuming, but not difficult and all of the detail is worth it. Well, maybe it wouldn't have been as time consuming if I wasn't sewing three at once! Lucky Harvey isn't big enough for something like this yet! I choose fabric and cut everything out on a Friday night, did most of the sewing the next afternoon and then finished them off on Sunday night. So all done and dusted in a weekend!
I'm looking forward to the kids excitement when they get these on the weekend...well, they will probably be more excited about the looms than the cases but I'll be happy anyway!

Friday, 11 April 2014

.Using a Sewist's Notebook.

I have a new sewing crush and it doesn't involved fabric or notions. I'm a bit of a stationary-lover so was very excited when I discovered A Sewist's Notebook.
This book is Awesome with a capital A! Really, I had one of those, "why didn't I think of this?!" moments when I first saw it. A notebook designed to keep track of all of your garment sewing projects. I'm not one for a sketchbook full of designs...I try to keep it all organised but end up with random pieces of paper lying around my workspace with little notes and ideas written all over them. Not good organisation, especially when I am looking for something in particular and realise that it has been mistaken for rubbish and thrown away!
Beth from 110 Creations is the mastermind behind A Sewists Notebook. She has recently made gorgeous versions my Shearwater Kaftan and Coastal Breeze patterns after we did a patterns-for-book review swap. After seeing A Sewist's Notebook online I thought it looked pretty cool, but it is even better in real-life.
It has 110 pages for you to sketch and keep track of notes to do with clothing you have sewn for yourself - such a great idea...I don't know how many times I have sewn something for myself and been sure that I would remember the little tweaks or changes I have made only to sew it again a little while later and realise that I have completely have forgotten! I even forget what size I have sewn! I also love the idea of this book becoming a family heirloom (hoping that someone in my family enjoys sewing!) I think it would be such a treasure to find a notebook like this filled out by my grandmother or great-grandmother and see how she went about her sewing and what styles and fabrics were fashionable at the time.
To help you keep track of things, A Sewist's Notebook also has a Project List (contents) page so that you can easily find a certain project you are looking for. And in the back of the book you will find a place to list the patterns you own, fabric and patterns on your wishlist and when you last changed your needle!
If you are a sewer of clothing, then this notebook will help keep you organised...I like the idea of having something hardcopy to flip through too - nice to step back from the computer screen for awhile.
I plan on using my notebook to document everything that I sew for myself in 2014...can't wait until it gets nice and full, it will be such a handy record to have.
Beth has just recently released a Sewist's Notebook for Kids which looks pretty cool to document your kid-sewing projects too. 
You can buy a copy of A Sewist's Notbook here in either large or smaller sizes.

Monday, 7 April 2014

.Necklace in a Jar Gift

I'm a big fan of gifts "in-a-box" or "in-a-jar" they are a fun and interactive surprise for the recipient. Recently I made a "Necklace in a Jar" gift for a special friend of mine. 
Included in the jar were a heap of handmade polymer clay beads, some wooden geometric and circular beads, leather necklace cording and a set of instructions to make your own necklace.

The amount of necklaces you can make up with this jar full of beads is endless - meaning that you can literally have a necklace that matches every single outfit in your wardrobe! This is a great gift for someone if you aren't sure about what colours they would usually wear - be creative about what you put in it too...I'm sure you could hunt around your favourite craft stores and find lots of fun beads, pendants and charms to include!

Friday, 4 April 2014

.Mini Shearwater made a long time ago.

It's not very often that I leave projects unfinished. I am quite methodical in my sewing and make sure that I completely finish off a project before starting the next, it's just how I do it and works well for me. If I have unfinished projects lying around I feel unorganised and like I am running behind all the time.

After telling you that, I bet you don't believe that I actually designed and wrote the pattern for the Mini Shearwater Kaftan 2 years ago?! It was never going to be released in my regular pattern range, but time passed and things got busier and I decided that I should get it out there rather than hang onto it for another day.
And here's the proof - this is little Lil! She was soooo cute (well she still is cute but she is big-girl cute now, not little girl cute.) This kaftan was made using cotton voile fabric, lovely and light-weight for warm weather. Or you can pop a plain tshirt underneath for a bit of extra warmth like we did here.

Don't forget the the Mini Shearwater Kaftan pattern is on sale for just $9 until Sunday night!
Make It Perfect, Mini Shearwater Kaftan pattern
Anna Maria Horner, Little Folks Voile, Baby Bouquet Sweet

Monday, 31 March 2014

.MINI Shearwater Kaftan - NEW PATTERN!.

After many, many requests over the last four years I am happy to share with you a MINI girl's version of the original women's Shearwater Kaftan pattern.

A long-time favourite Make It Perfect pattern for women - Shearwater Kaftan - now comes in sizes for girls!
Brighten up your wardrobe with a sensational Shearwater Kaftan. 
With just the right balance between floaty and fitted and featuring lovely front placket detail, the Shearwater Kaftan is comfortable, flattering and practical.  

Wear your Shearwater Kaftan with long sleeves to provide protection from the sun or roll up the sleeves and secure with a cute sleeve tab if you want short sleeves!
Throw it on over a pair of swimmers and shorts, wear it with a Summer skirt or dress up a pair of jeans - the possibilities are endless...
I am so so so in love with the mini version of this pattern. I put off writing it for so long because I honestly didn't think the style with suit a little girl, but I was wrong - it is perfect!
The Mini Shearwater Kaftan is more than a beach cover-up...although it does do an awesome job keeping the sun off at the beach too! With such simple lines you can really let your favourite fabrics shine as the main feature of the kaftan.
I prefer making my kaftans (both women's and girl's) out of a floaty fabric like the double gauze featured here or cotton voile, rayon or lawn although quilting cotton works just as well!
The Mini Shearwater Kaftan comes in two size ranges, catering for girls from 6 months - 10 years old. 

Paper copies of the pattern will be heading to shops very soon, or you can easily grab an Instant Download PDF pattern from my website. And, as a new pattern release special The Mini Shearwater Kaftan pattern is 25% off for the rest of this week!
Make It Perfect, Mini Shearwater Kaftan pattern
Nani Iro, Fuccra Raukuen Double Gauze

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

.Mini Messenger: a free pattern.

Good morning friends! I've got a brand new FREE pattern to share with you today in conjunction with Sarah Jane's new fabric release and blog tour for Wee Wander. This fabric is absolutely to die for, I know that people are going crazy for it and it is by far my favourite collection Sarah Jane has produced. You can view the full range here.

This little satchel bag came about because I got tired of carrying SO MUCH stuff in my bag every time we left the house! As well as the usual drink bottles and snacks, I'd end up with books, pencils, little toys and other treasures to cart around and I decided enough was enough! My kids are big enough to carry their own stuff now but they needed something practical to carry it around in.
Mini Messenger is an ideal size for kids. My kids in particular are crazy about sketch books at the moment, if they have a sketch book and a handful of pencils then they are happy. I usually buy them the A5 size as they are more portable so I designed this bag to fit A5 size. The finished bag measures 7"x10".
I've used two coordinating prints for my bag, but you can use more or less depending on what you would like the finished bag to look like. It is a really quick and easy sew, especially when you use the webbing for the strap instead of having to make your own strap out of fabric.
As well as being a great bag for your own kids to help you lighten your load, the Mini Messenger makes a fantastic gift to give to little friends. Fill it with a couple of treats and you're set! And I do suggest you use some Wee Wander fabric for your Mini Messenger - it's gorgeous!
As always, I love to see what you make with my patterns so feel free to send me some pictures or add them to the Make It Perfect Flickr group!
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